-Sintering presses, by using new materials and technologies (eg. Beckhoff, Moog Servovalvole etc.).
-The production of presses for the compaction of metallic dust 
-New replacement parts, realised after our sketches and projects
-Restoration in conformity with the new CE norms
-Programmed maintenance.
We are offering these because we are willing to deliver a complete service for a large variety of clients from several sectors of the industrial market.
RSM-TECHNOLOGY can deliver a  completely modern new software as well. 


Sale of new / used presses

  RSM-TECHNOLOGY, a new name in the area of industrial automatisation.

  This new company has arisen from the desire of professional development of two dynamic enterprising  persons with experience. The experience we have achieved in more than 20 years of activity in this domain.  As time went by, we have managed to gain a lot of knowledge of industrial automatisation, sintering presses (both mechanical and hydraulic), tool machines, especially of bigger ones.

  With the help of the qualified employees, who are used to work for important companies from the national, european and mondial market, RSM-TECHNOLOGY guarantees maximum professionality. 

Structural modification of machine automation, project and 3D construction

What we offer

Projection and elaboration of an efficient modern software


(0039)  0118012017  (Administration office)

(0039) 3208479106 (Monica Monticone)

 Technical service  :  (0039) 3299711824 (Samson Romeo)
Technical-commercial service :  (0039) 3287798331 (Samson Constantin)


amministrazione@rsmtech.it  (administration)

rsmtech@legalmail.it   (certified post)

c.samson@rsmtech.it   (commercial)

technology@rsmtech.it  (technical)

Sketch and design -Development of sketches and construction for renovation and special revision.


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